A DMS Service Provider Thrived on
Unlimited Creativity

Since 1978, Wanstonic has gradually yet stably transformed from an OEM in Taipei, Taiwan to a modern DMS service provider (Design and Manufacturing Service). After years of expansion, Wanstonic currently operates three production facilities in the Greater China Area, has completed its deployment and established RD centers and production sites in Taipei, Dongguan . Now, Wanstonic is renown in the DMS field with more than 1,000 employees.

For the last four decades, we have garnered our expertise in the electro-acoustic industry, and our service scope includes headphone, headset, microphone, speaker, walkie-talkie and Bluetooth products. Our professional integration services include product design, electro-acoustic design, component procurement and manufacturing and production. We insist on systematic and customized processes to offer full-range services and ensure perfect quality that truly meets customer requirements. Backed by our rich product development experience and creative design philosophies, we are favored by top international brands and experienced stable corporate growth.

Wanstonic is committed to development of electric-acoustic technology and vertically integrating related industries, including plastic injection molding, speaker unit and Bluetooth technology industries. We continue to offer the most practical and advantageous design and manufacturing services, respond rapidly to new trends, agilely capitalize on available resources and innovate our operations and seek to establish strategic partnership with our customers and transform product and process innovation to add value for our customers.