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Accumulating Experiences and Continuing to
Innovate Production Processes and Improve
Production Flexibility and Efficiency.
Manufacturing Process Management:

We capitalize on our enterprise resource planning system (ERP system) to analyze all manufacturing processes and offer real time, complete and accurate manufacturing and shipment information. As we leverage this advantage, we can effectively streamline the design, manufacturing and service processes to ensure the perfect quality and services for our customers.

Supply Chain Integration:

Besides assembling services of precision finished products, we further develop main components of electric-acoustic products, ranging from signal cables, speaker units and injection moldings. By adopting an integrated supplier management framework to offer trainings for suppliers to manage, we can vertically integrate and strengthen our supply chain and exceed customer expectations with world-class standards, including high quality and low cost services and products and rapid product delivery.

Facility and Equipment:

With our advanced facilities and automated production equipments, we ensure high quality, effective and flexible production processes. We are praised for our safe working environment and employee friendly management systems, and they together can greatly enhance performance of our employees and boost our commitment and qualities for our customers.

Professional Talent:

We believe that the employee cultivation and development are the crucial path to accelerated corporate growth. We are committed to training our professional employees, in order to offer customers with superior professional services.


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