Committed to ceaseless innovation and
improvement, and capitalizing on new
ideas, new technologies and new techniques.
Development of New Material and Application:

When it comes to the latest application or diverse material choices, such as leathers, fabrics, composite materials and surface treatment methods, Wanstonic’s material sample room can develop the desired effects, materials and process designs from the customers’ perspective. Then harmoniously incorporate new elements into existing product designs with superior industrial design capacity and rich manufacturing experiences, and offer customers innovative features and values in the competitive consumer electronics industry.

Perfect Blend Technology and Engineering Brilliance:

We actively and continuously seek to combine technological R&D with production brilliance, and capitalize on state-of-the-art production technology to improve product quality and operational efficiency, providing our customers with quality products and services. With new technologies to develop new resources, conserve energy, minimize waste, simplify production processes and eliminate unnecessary equipment, we are poised to develop new and green production processes and fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen.